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Let’s Get Acquainted

GloriaHi there!  I'm a genealogy "addict" and I decided that I'd like to get to know some other "enthusiasts" -- so, I've created this site (still very much a work in progress) and ny hope is that we'll be able to share ideas, stories, and some of those successes that thrill us all! I got started doing genealogy about thirty-four years ago (yeh, I'm pretty old!) and there wasn't anyone in my family already involved - so it was "start at the beginning"!  Have you been there?  I did have a friend who was an "old hand" at it and his family's expert. His name was Chas and I am so grateful to him for the start he gave me! I was living in Arizona at the time, and would receive weekly letters from Chas with my "relative of the week".  Of course, I had given him some information to get started with, but he knew just where to look and what to look for.  It was AMAZING!!

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